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Performance appraisal and feedback is a crucial process aiming at maximizing individual growth and performance. However, this process may be perceived as controlling by employees which can decrease their motivation at work. The present paper aims at improving the impact of performance feedback on worker motivation. A behavioral framework based on self-determination theory and that managers can implement is presented. The framework helps increase employees 'needs satisfaction, which the theory predicts, increases employees' autonomous motivation, well-being and performance at work.

Feedback following performance appraisal is a process that promotes self-actualization and performance. However, employees may perceive this process as controlling and thus cause a decrease in motivation at work. This article aims to increase the impact of feedback on employee motivation. A behavioral framework based on the theory of self-determination and which managers can put into practice is proposed. Applying the framework contributes to the satisfaction of needs, which, as the theory predicts, increases self-motivation, well-being and performance.

Employee performance reviews are different from company to company. They must be designed in accordance with the organizational policy and the culture of the company. However, a good performance appraisal of employees brings together the following points:

  • Manager training: managers must be trained to perform this exercise
  • Recognition of the positive points: managers must recognize the good work of employees and not focus exclusively on areas for improvement and negative points. The evaluation must be constructive.
  • The right questions: open questions must be maximized so that employees can share their impressions. Questions should not be leading.
  • Active listening: the manager who conducts the evaluation must be open to comments on his own performance and on the direction of the company
  • Use evidence: the judgment should be objective and be based on facts and not on the manager's opinion.
  • Actions: The manager and employee need to know what is expected of them once the performance review is complete.